not always and forever

And when you look to your past times.. you miss it. There are things which are always on your mind, you can't forgot, you can't forgive.
You try to call away, you always try to occupate yourself with lot of things, just not to think about the reality of things. Things and mainly things that happens in your life are everything, since you have been with their everywhere inside your brain, inside your heart. The truth is "Things happen".. They happen.. however, I think that they not always happen for a reason. Or simply... we don't know that reason, and we fail and fall as all of human beings.
Our mind is hard to understand, we change our habits, our thoughts, our age, our body, our friends, our beliefs, our hopes.. We change, that's the key of our life. We always know that things don't stay the same forever (and it's better that way), so why do we continue occupate ourself with bullshits? We know that bullshits and problems have a solution, we shouldn't give up, we should try to solve our inner conflits!

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